TeaLoader Features:

-Internal Cheats (8. in total)
-Integrated VAC-ByPass
-Custom Injector
-Software Updater (Automatic)
-Live status
-Cheat Description
-Load Cheat Button
-Start/Close Steam/TF2 Button
-Some funny GIF's about VAC

Premium Features:
-Lifetime Premium license
-Pre-Made Configs

Current Version: 1.0.7 (04.07.2023)

Status: Discontinued ()


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Why people choose us


TeaLoader is updated regularly. It also always offers the latest versions of the specific cheats and is therefore very reliable, as the latest versions of the cheat are always downloaded from a server so that you only have the best and newest.


TeaLoader provides a injection security, which has already been undetected since June 2020 and continues to expand. With the integrated VAC-ByPass you are also protected from a VAC-Ban of unsafe cheats.

For Free   

TeaLoader is a free cheat loader for Team Fortress 2. The project is financed by the license key system. We use linkvertise to fund the project this way. But apart from linkvertise and the free license there is a option to buy Premium for 2,50€ / PP.

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