The history - Timeline

It's my first post on this blog, so please don't judge me for mistakes or inarticulateness

January 2021

The origin of the first project "CouLoader (old MadLoader)"

The origin of the first CSGO Cheat Loader. I was not yet into the cheating scenes. This was the beginning in the cheating scene as a coder. I had no idea whatsoever about the most popular loader at the time, "BETA Loader". My loader is programmed from scratch, not copied one bit. First names were CSGO Cheat Injector, CSGO Multiple Cheats, ByMynix's CSGO Cheat Loader and then SkyNex Loader....

March 2021

"MadLoader" and the Partnership with

I had spread my project "SkyNex-Loader" on several sites, so 3nv0y, the owner of cheatermad, approached me for a partnership. Since he had many contacts in the scene, "MadLoader" and a partnership was born. MadLoader was one of the first loader projects after "BETA Loader" in the CSGO scene. I had also then become an owner of cheatermad. It was a close-knit partnership. cheatermad was run by me, 3nv0y (The original founder), and at that time Luci. It was going great, BETA Loader was exposed as a Btc miner and me and Squatch with the DarkSpy Loader went head to head in terms of user numbers. Little by little, more and more loaders came along, but they were only poorly copied and could hardly reach people. But in during this time, the first traits of 3nv0y's personality had begun to show. Luci did a lot for the site, wanted more of the site's merit. It came to an argument and 3nv0y fired Luci because 3nv0y was already very egoistic about money and kept it for him....

July 2021

Independence as a developer, expansion of my projects and scams within the cheatermad staff team

It went very well with everything, but when it came to money, 3nv0y always just talked around it and delayed. I had my income through linkvertise, but I had helped to make the site big and would have earned some of the site's income. However, at that time I already had other interests. I wanted to expand my name as a developer, but 3nv0y wanted to expand cheatermad further and didn't like the idea of me expanding my own developer site. He preferred to insist on a "cheatermad developer team". ( was my developer site, another project "MadInjector (now CouInjector)" followed and should offer a possibility for those who didn't need a whole loader but only an injector. Things calmed down and 3nv0y expanded his staff team. I got on well with the people, but there were incidents. The normal staff team was simply taken advantage of, but 2-3 of the former admins (with whom I got on well because they were also German) were simply fucked over. They were made promises, just like me. I think it was Andi, Vuki and another one. They were also owners/admins at that time and were only exploited from front to back by 3nv0y. I was aware of all this, but kept out of it. In the whole time until the end of August, the projects were expanded and two new ones followed. A cheat loader and injector for Team Fortress 2, TeaLoader and TeaInjector. In this whole scam thing that 3nv0y pulled off ran until October. So the paths of me and cheatermad went further and further apart....

October 2021

3nv0y's "replacement" for me, the partnership with Vuki and the ending of the partnership with 3nv0y and cheatermad with disgusting consequences caused by 3nv0y.

As the paths kept diverging, 3nv0y worked with a developer to create a loader project for his second cheater site ( 3nv0y also had a lot of stress with Vuki during that time. Vuki was able to expose how miserable and disgusting 3nv0y is. I started a partnership with Vuki. 3nv0y caught on to that. Since 3nv0y hates Vuki deeply and Vuki had also leaked all the passwords and data of 3nv0y, which was however justified, 3nv0y ended the partnership with me. However, he didn't just end it normally, but made sure that I was banned from several cheating sites and had my developer rights revoked. And that although I only started a normal partnership with Vuki. And now comes the most disgusting thing. 3nv0y released "MadLoader v2" directly a few days later and later also a replacement project for MadInjector with his developer with the loader project that originally ran for And so that era ended. I was replaced. However, my project continued to run very well, I had my own Discord servers, but also a few problems as cheating, hacking, etc. is forbidden on Discord. The Discord server I currently have is easily the 20th server. Otherwise the project went on very well, but less and less users joined. I was working on smaller things and other things and since November I didn't really have much time for my projects which also contributed to that. So the projects continued, including MadLoader, which was my most successful project. 3nv0y the wanker was right, maybe I should have changed the name of the "Mad" projects right away for marketing reasons, but I didn't want to. It was my name and our former logo. But now I'm digressing again, the project went on and on....

March 2022

The end of and its projects

Due to personal reasons, the projects now had to end. I had no time left and had not done anything else since the beginning of February, nor had I done much for months except update and maintain the projects. ended....

April 2022

The return and revival of the (now ByMynixDE) projects.

The comeback of the projects. Only under a new name, ByMynixDE. I found time and desire again, so I revived and updated all the projects, renamed the projects "MadLoader" and "MadInjector" to "CouLoader" and "CouInjector" and am now working on this blog and on a rework in all the projects I have now revived. Most of it will be code-related, but there will also be some UI technical work. Just wait and see, it will definitely be 10x better than before, a lot of provisional code and unnecessary stuff has been removed, a lot of other stuff has been added. I have finished with CouInjector (Github) and TeaInjector (Github) at the moment and the others will follow...

September 2022

The finish of the rework of all projects and the website

More than 4 months later, all projects have been reworked and the site has been redesigned. More projects will follow in the future, the next one are probably a glow cheat for CS:GO and Team Fortress 2...

April 2023

Further development of the projects

CouGlow, an ESP (Glow)-Cheat has been released, the Loader and Injector projects have been continued. Since everything still works perfectly in all this time, but I had little time, it was a relief. From now on, preparations are being made for CS:GO Source 2. An alternative ManualMap Injection is also being worked on, which can be used as an alternative option in all loaders and injector projects.