CheaterMad (especially 3nv0y) Exposed

Before info: This expose refers to the length in which 3nv0y was the former owner of (2021-2022). At the end of the year 2022 I heard from independent sources that someone else is now running the site. Whether 3nv0y still stands in the background of it, one does not know.

CheaterMad is a larger cheating site where cheats are offered. It's a pity that the owner of this site, called 3nv0y, is a pure scammer and liar who exploits people for himself. This page uses experiences from other developers, my own experience and data from his previous data leak back in 2021 (For legal reasons, no personal information relating to 3nv0y is shown on this page). I have also linked most of the developers, just ask them yourself about more details.


My own experience (ByMynix)

My history about everything, including a lot of information about CheaterMad and much more, can be found in The_History


(Developer) Reezli

Reezli-Cheats is a cheat provider. The developer of it had to do with 3nv0y. Everything about the scam with Reezli-Cheats has been well summarised by Reezli himself and therefore all details are on the page (The page is not linked for legal reasons).


(Developer) Squatch and leska

These two developers were the creators of the DarkSpy Loader. It was quite popular back then, but it's already been a year. Here is the Discord server
(click here [Server got termed]), both were also scammed, both can also confirm that. 


(Developer) Vuki

Vuki#4258 also developed things for 3nv0y back then and is also responsible for the data leak from 3nv0y. The screenshot is also from the data leak. For the whole list of details you can write him on Discord.


(Owner of cheatermad at the beginning) Luciquad

Luciquad#2813 was one of the owners with me and 3nv0y at the time, in June 2021. He had warned me at the time, but I had trusted 3nv0y more than him, which was a mistake. Feel free to write to him for more details.


(Developer) NiOh

NiOh, a developer who also offers cheats was also in the former staff team and can also confirm the whole thing internally.